Starix’s revolutionary radio technology combines the high performance, low power consumption and small form factor of a proven mass market consumer electronics technology with a waveform that is ideal for defense applications. The transmitted waveform has an ultra-low energy density spread over a huge bandwidth, providing no measurable interference for other radios, thus bringing a very low probability of detection and high resistance to jamming. With data rates of up to 400 Mbps, the most stringent requirements for rapid transfer of multimedia data can be met.

Starix’s solutions feature the industry’s smallest form factor and lowest power consumption systems, enabling small and light packages for ease of transportation and concealment. The solutions incorporate highly secure cryptographic protection. Based on chips well proven in multiple commercial applications, the solutions are also highly customizable for defense applications.

  • Applications
    • Data harvesting
    • Warfighter PAN
    • Wireless backhaul
    • Wireless sensors

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