Press Releases

April 4, 2011


Innovative devices combine state of the art wireless and speech recognition technologies to provide documentation of medical encounters in-theater

IRVINE, Calif. – April 4, 2011 – Starix Technology, Inc., a company with a portfolio of world-leading wireless technology and design experience, is demonstrating at ATA 2011, the American Telemedicine Association 16th Annual International Meeting & Exposition, its innovative STX1301 Wireless Flash Drive (Wireless Electronic Information Carrier – Wireless EIC) and STX1311 Medical Voice Recorder. Visitors to Starix’s booth will be able to experience for themselves the convenience and unmatched high performance of the Wireless EIC combined with the ease of use of the Medical Voice Recorder, via hands-on demonstrations.

The demonstrated products are:

Wireless Flash Drive (STX1301):

With data rates of up to 400 Mbps, small form factor, extended battery life, high storage capacity for multimedia storage, and simple, streamlined installation and setup, the Wireless Flash Drive provides a solution for storage of medical information that meets the extraordinarily stringent demands of emergency responder situations. The Wireless Flash Drive’s data rates are unmatched in any other single-antenna wireless technology, allowing required data transfer time to a minimum while still allowing a compact size. Operating entirely outside Wi-Fi frequency bands, the underlying radio technology avoids all interference from existing wireless networks, while simultaneously minimizing interference to other devices. With a custom-designed network protocol and the inherent power efficiency of the radio technology, the Wireless Flash Drive has battery life of up to a year. The Wireless Flash Drive also includes the ubiquitous wired USB2.0 interface, enabling seamless connectivity with a wide variety of already-deployed non-wireless-enabled devices. With a compact, ruggedized package, the Wireless EIC is an ideal ‘dog tag’.

Medical Voice Recorder (STX1311):

Combining outstanding ease-of-use via a variety of innovative modes with compact, ruggedized design, the Medical Voice Recorder is designed to provide Combat Healthcare Specialists flexibility and high performance for the most stressful of emergency situations. Ease-of-use is facilitated in several complementary ways:

    • Operation by both hands-free initiation, powered by speech recognition technology from Think-a-Move, and push-button initiation
    • Automatic transfer of audio recordings generated on the Medical Voice Recorder to the Wireless EIC, enabled by wireless-enabled proximity detection
    • Compatibility with a wide variety of headsets, rechargeable batteries

With capacity for 40 hours of audio recordings, the Medical Voice Recorder enables the Combat Healthcare Specialist to record the Casualty’s Vital Signs, Medications Given, Injury Type, and free-form Progress Notes in high-noise environments, providing automatic timestamps on all recordings.


Starix’s booth is at TATRC (Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center) Booth 837 “Speech generated Digital AHLTA-M TCCC Card & Wireless Electronic Information Carrier”.