STX1201 - Development Kit for Starix wireless modem


The development kit enables the creation of custom wireless applications using the high performance single chip wireless radio from Starix Technology.

  • High Level Features
    • Wireless range up to 5 meters (optional range extension)
    • Data rate up to 400 Mbps
    • Operating frequencies: 3 – 8 GHz
    • Real time AES 128-bit encryption and decryption
    • Flexible channel access scheduling allowing the development of custom wireless MAC and network protocols
    • Packet transmission and reception scheduling with nanoseconds accuracy
    • USB 2.0 host and device, SDIO 2.0 device, I2C, UART and GPIO peripheral interfaces
  • Ideal for
    • Product development and research platform for wireless MAC and network protocols based on Starix Technology wireless modem
    • Sample applications: sensor networks, mesh networks, HD video streaming, wireless hard drive
    • Starix Technology wireless modem evaluation and characterization

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