Press Releases

September 6, 2010


Custom products based on innovative, high-data-rate, low power consumption wireless technology offer unique advantages

IRVINE, Calif. – September 6, 2010 – Starix Technology, Inc., a newly-incorporated California company with a portfolio of world-leading wireless technology and design experience, has announced a comprehensive suite of wireless products for the government, health, and consumer electronics markets. Based on the industry-leading single-chip device, the products combine of extremely high transfer rates of 400Mbps and low power consumption with a highly flexible medium access controller that facilitates design of custom products. The innovative radio technology allows the products to avoid the crowded unlicensed radio frequency bands used by other wireless systems, providing an ideal choice for critical applications by providing maximum immunity to interference or detection.

Starix’s technical team brings industry-leading expertise in all aspects of product design and deployment, having recorded many of the industry’s significant technical milestones, including the development and productization of the pioneering a single-chip wireless device.

The announced suite of products includes the following:

Consumer electronics solutions:

PC to TV solutions:
Enabling high-resolution video streaming from PCs to in-room TVs up to 30ft away, PC to TV solutions provides consumers with a greatly expanded menu of ways of accessing video content, and in particular enabling enjoyment of the rapidly growing market in internet content delivery. Setup is simple and intuitive, with an adapter plugging into the TV, operational with no further user steps, and at the other end of the link plugging a PC dongle into the PC’s USB port.

Wireless docking stations:
Providing an ideal way to manage USB peripherals, video and audio, and Ethernet connections through a single unit, wireless docking stations extend the innovative and convenient USB-based docking station concept. In addition to permitting flexible desktop layouts and eliminating tangles of cables, wireless docking stations provide the ultimate in convenience for connection and disconnection, with fully automated and secure connection once the docking station comes within range of the PC.

Defense solutions:

Wireless electronic information carrier:
With high data rates, small form factor and power consumption, and high storage capacity for multimedia storage, the wireless EIC provides a solution for storage of soldier medical information that meets the extraordinarily stringent demands of the battlefield. The single-chip’s high data rates are unmatched in any other single-antenna wireless technology, allowing required data transfer time to a minimum while still allowing a compact size, and in addition uses a signal that is extraordinarily difficult for an adversary to detect or jam. Combining the inherent power efficiency of the underlying radio technology with a custom-designed network protocol, the EIC has battery life of up to a year. Incorporating a standard wired USB interface, the wireless EIC also supports connection with a broad variety of existing non- -wireless-enabled devices.

Wireless data harvesting:
The wireless data harvester enables rapid, covert, and secure wireless collection of surveillance data from remotely installed sensors. Custom-designed network protocols allow deployed surveillance devices to remain passive until data download is required, avoiding the emission of compromising electronic signatures and minimizing power consumption. Starix proprietary algorithms enable long-range connection, allowing harvesting of data without coming into proximity with the deployed surveillance devices.

Medical solutions:

In hospital environments, characterized by dense deployments of critical equipment, the virtually undetectably low-power signal transmitted by the single-chip radio --- 1000 times less than for a wireless LAN device --- provide an ideal solution for wireless telemetry, medical record and medical imaging transfer, enabling high data transfer rates for critical situations while minimizing interference to other devices. Starix’s wireless telemetry systems permit simple, streamlined installation and setup. With extensive network protocol optimizations to minimize power consumption, Starix solutions are ideal for battery-operated devices.