Concept / Prototype / Product

Starix Technology provides a wide range of consulting services to companies interested in integrating Starix Technology wireless modems in their new or existing products.

Starix’s extensive knowledge and proven track record in wireless systems and product and prototype engineering has helped customers through all parts of the development process, from wireless product conceptualization through prototyping, development, manufacturing and promotion.

  • Concept.
    • Wireless technology assessment
    • Software and hardware architectures definition
  • Prototype. Starix’s years of experience in rapid prototyping helps customers shorten the time to promote and bring to market their products.
    • Software and hardware development
    • PCB manufacturing and assembly
    • Mechanical design engineering
  • Product. Starix guides customers through the multiple stages necessary to productize an idea, including optimization of manufacturing flow, product certifications and test.
    • Quality assurance
    • Contract manufacturing
    • Certifications: regulatory, standards, etc.